Friday 15 April 2016

Book ~ "No Test for the Wicked" (2014) Julie Moffett

From Goodreads ~ Returning to high school is not something I ever wanted to do over - it was awful the first time around. So why do I have to go back as part of a new undercover assignment? Because the universe loves playing jokes on me, obviously.

I've been ordered to go all 21 Jump Street and track down the students who are breaking into the computer system, changing grades and causing all kinds of havoc. Although I'm not thrilled about my new gig, at least it gives me something to do other than worry over the fact that I now have a boyfriend. And no freaking idea what to get him for Christmas.

Or it did give me something else to worry about, until I stumbled across a more sinister threat. I was shocked to find distinct traces of a group of international hackers inside the network. Why would dangerous cyber mercenaries be interested in a high school in the middle of Washington, D.C.? What exactly have I gotten myself into?

Students are hacking into the systems of an elite private school and the school headmistress hires X-Corp, an intelligence and security company, where Lexi works.  She decides to go undercover as a student to find out who the hackers are and shut them down.  Lexi hated high school, though, and isn't looking forward to repeating the experience.  Things get really tense when she stumbles upon terrorists and gets involved in life or death situations.

Lexi and Slash, government agent and fellow hacker, have started dating which is adding another layer of pressure on her because he is her first boyfriend and she is trying to figure out the rules of how to be a girlfriend.

Though this is the fifth in the Lexi Carmichael series, it works as a stand alone as you are provided with enough background.  I'm enjoying the series and liked this book but not loved it.  While I liked the writing style and was looking forward to the 21 Jump Street idea, I'm not into stories about terrorism and that took over the story.  I would have rather to have seen more of her awkwardly trying to maneuver around high school and focus on finding the hackers.

It is written in first person perspective from Lexi's point of view.  Her best friend, Elvis, has a major role in this story.  Her other best friend, Basia, and Elvis' twin brother, Xavier, are barely in the book as they are vacationing together in Greece.  Because the majority of the story takes place in the school, Slash doesn't have a huge role which is fine because I found him a bit irritating in this book as he seems to be so controlling and dominating of Lexi now that they are dating.

So not my favourite in the series but I look forward to Lexi's future adventures.

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