Saturday 30 April 2016

Book ~ "The Ontario Craft Beer Guide" (2016) Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John

From Goodreads ~ Forget wine tours! This is the comprehensive guide to Ontario’s craft-beer revival and the brewers behind it. 

The renaissance of craft beer that has swept North America over the past thirty years has transformed the Ontario landscape, leaving over two hundred breweries, both great and humble, dotting the province. The diversity of craft beers we now enjoy is unprecedented in history and dazzling to behold. For the growing number of people who find their interest piqued, the sheer selection of brews can be intimidating. 

"The Ontario Craft Beer Guide" gives readers, whether bright-eyed beginners or aficionados of the highest calibre, a dependable field guide to the beers of Ontario. Noted experts Jordan St. John and Robin LeBlanc tell the stories of some of Ontario’s most notable breweries and provide expert ratings for nearly a thousand beers.

Gord and I like craft beer (though he is more adventurous than I am) and we go to a lot of beer festivals every year.  So it shouldn't be a big surprise that this book caught my eye.

The book starts with a brief history of Ontario's craft beer past, followed by how and where we can buy craft beer in Ontario.

There is an extensive list of Ontario craft breweries, including when they opened, their owners, their histories and their beer.  I travel quite a bit because of my job.  When I'm going outside of Toronto, I ask Gord if there is a craft brewery that he wants me stop in so I can pick him up some beer.  I was surprised to see that I've visited many of the breweries that were listed.

There is also a list of recommended Ontario craft beer pubs and we've visited many of them.

There is a glossary of various terms.  To make it handy for you to explore the various breweries, there is a list of them by region.

If you want to experience more of Ontario's craft beer, this book should be your bible.

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