Wednesday 12 August 2015

Toronto Blue Jays 10, Oakland Athletics 3, Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON

My friend, Jenn, had a couple of tickets for this evening's Blue Jays game she couldn't use so she asked me if I wanted them ... yes!  Thanks, Jenn!

Before the game, the Jays were a half a game behind the New York Yankees for first place in the AL East.  If the Blue Jays won and the Yankees lost, Toronto would be first.  So it was a big game!

Here's a view from our seats ... the roof was open which was nice as there was a breeze.

The CN Tower

R.A. Dickey was pitching ... and the game began.

Jays' line-up
Jays' walk up music

Nearby condos have Jays fever!

The CN Tower was pretty as the sun set.

Ace was working the crowd!

The prize for the 50/50 draw was almost $8,600.

Alas, we weren't close.

In the ninth inning, after the sun had set ...

And the Jays won 10 - 3 ... yay!

And the Yankees lost!  Whoohoo!  So the Jays are in first place in the AL East.  Way to go!!

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