Wednesday 12 August 2015

Book ~ "Picture-Taking for Moms & Dads: Recipes for Great Results with Any Camera" (2001) Ron Nichols

From Goodreads ~ Geared primarily toward beginning photographers who want to capture their family events on film, this book explains the essentials of basic photography. From point and shoot automatics to manual cameras to disposables, this guide discusses how to use any type of camera to create special family photos. 

Basic mechanics, including how to choose and manipulate film and lenses, are discussed as well as more aesthetic topics such as lighting and composition. Parents will learn how to capture a child’s point of view to enhance family history albums with beautiful portraits of their children.

I like reading books about photography to learn more about how to take better photographs and give me fun ideas.

The chapters in this book include:

  • Tools of the trade:choosing a camera or film that are right for you
  • Better pictures now:  five easy steps to shooting like a pro (angle of view, playtime, get close, don't hit the bulls-eye and slow down, shoot more)
  • The right light:  seeing the best light for the best pictures
  • Creating treasured memories:  techniques for portraits (simple portraits, pets, etc.)
  • Picture-perfect vacations:  how to shoot spectacular scenes (tips for scenics and keeping film safe)
  • Using and displaying photos:  how to share and enjoy your images

While this book is dated (it's from 2001 and talks about film), it is a nice beginners book.  While it doesn't tell you how to take a picture (shutter speed, aperture, etc.), it does give tips on how to take a decent picture of your kids.


Anonymous said...

It puts me off that it's for "moms and dads"...because the rest of us don't have family moments and\or other things to photograph!

Teena in Toronto said...

You can use the same principles regardless of who you are taking pictures of.