Sunday 9 August 2015

Book ~ "Clever Digital Photography Ideas: Using Your Camera Out and About" (2012) Peter Cope

From Goodreads ~ A practical, accessible guide to the ingenious and creative things that can be done with a digital compact or camera phone. 

"Clever Digital Photography Ideas: Using Your Camera Out and About" is a chapter from the book "100 Clever Digital Photography Ideas" and provides a variety of simple ideas for getting more from your camera or camera phone when you are out and about, beyond your travels and holidays.  Some ideas might be obvious, like tips for shooting landscapes, but many are more obscure and fun, like creating a visual gift list and using your camera as binoculars. 

With so many people owning camera phones these days, there's no excuse not to be taking photographs whilst you are out and about.  All ideas and projects are presented with easy to follow instructions and striking photographs across colourful pages. 

Open your eyes to the creative possibilities with your digital photo technology, from using a basic compact camera to the latest smart phone. Whether a novice or a pro, "Clever Digital Photography Ideas: Using Your Camera Out and About" will show you how to break out of your comfort zone and try something exciting and new.

I like reading books about photography to learn more about how to take better photographs and give me fun ideas.

The chapters in this book include:
  • Clever ways to shoot travel pictures - get inspired by postcards, using your sunglasses as a polarizer, shooting at different angles, etc.
  • Clever ways to resolve travel problems - taking a picture of your ID in case you lose your camera (the finder will know who it belongs to), taking a picture of where you park your car in a lot (I can't tell you how many times I've "lost" my car!), etc.
  • Clever ways to use your camera while travelling - using your smartphone as a photo accessory (downloading apps for weather, GPS, etc.), getting permission (or not) to take pictures in certain areas, turning your camera into a light source (ingenius!), using your camera as binoculars and/or a magnifying glass, etc.
  • Clever ways to shop with your camera
  • Clever jargon buster

This book doesn't tell you how to take pictures (ie shutter speed, aperture, etc.) ... it's about giving you ideas of different ways your camera can be used.

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