Monday 10 August 2015

Book ~ "Clever Digital Photography Ideas: Starting to Make the Most of Your Camera or Camera Phone" (2012) Peter Cope

From Goodreads ~ A practical, accessible guide to the ingenious and creative things that can be done with a digital compact or camera phone. 

"Clever Digital Photography Ideas: Starting to make the most of your camera or camera phone" is a chapter from the book "100 Clever Digital Photography Ideas" and provides a variety of simple ideas for getting even more from your camera or camera phone than just a record of those memorable moments. 

Open your eyes to the creative possibilities with your digital photo technology, from using a basic compact camera to the latest smart phone. Whether a novice or a pro, "Clever Digital Photography Ideas: Starting to make the most of your camera or camera phone" will show you how to break out of your comfort zone and try something exciting and new.

I like reading books about photography to learn more about how to take better photographs and give me fun ideas.

The chapters in this book include:
  • Clever ways to get started - comparison of cameras, different parts of a camera, improving your auction site pictures, etc.
  • Clever ways to keep records - creating a visual inventory of your home, recording a car crash, copying with your camera (ie important documents), etc.
  • Clever ways to tackle problems - determining if you remote control is working, seeing around corners, etc.
  • Clever ways to carry out surveillance - what's going on in your backyard, burglars, etc.
  • Clever ways to boost your memory - creating a manual when you take things apart, remembering a number, etc.
  • Clever ways to shoot hobbies and interests - coins, stamps, children and pets, theatre, sporting events, etc.
  • Clever ways to improve colour rendition - white balance, etc.
  • Clever ways to transform and present your photos - special effects and presenting your photos
  • Clever jargon buster

This book doesn't tell you how to take pictures (ie shutter speed, aperture, etc.) ... it's about giving you ideas to try something new and different.

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Margaret B said...

I always enjoy books like these - they do help to inspire. Sometimes I'm stuck in a rut, photographing the same things over and over again.