Saturday 8 August 2015

Toronto Argos 30 - Saskatchewan Roughriders 26, Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON

My pal, Shawna, lives in Regina and is a big Saskatchewan Roughriders fan.  The Riders were playing the Toronto Argos here in Toronto tonight (it was there home opener) so it was a good excuse for she and her friend, Shelli (another Riders fan), to spend a long weekend here.

Shawna asked who wanted to go and Gord and I said "yes".

Here come the Argos ...

Kate Sirls sang the national anthem.

Our seats were great ... we were in the bottom level.  Shawna bought the tickets for us (there were ten of us) and she has us sitting in the visitors' section (ie with mostly Rider fans).

There were some Argo fans, though, on our side ... especially in one of the corners, who made themselves heard.

 We had a great view of the CN Tower.

There were people doing the EdgeWalk all evening
Um ... no!

The Argos cheerleaders entertained.

The Argonotes also entertained.

Shawna and Shelli came complete with jerseys, beads, pins and a sign!

The CN Tower was pretty as the sun set.

I took a walk over the the West Jet Flight Deck and sent Shawna a text to look over and wave!

The flight deck is under the jumbotron
Our gang

And here we are ...

Bill, Jennifer, me and Gord
Elaine, Shelli, Denyse, Shawna and Cheryl

The 50/50 prize was $6,400.

Alas, we weren't even close.

The Argos won ... 30 - 26.

Some players gathered to pray after the game

I'm not a football fan but it was fun to hang with Shawna and her friends while she was in town.

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