Friday 6 February 2015

Easy Catch Fish & Chips, Toronto, ON

I usually bring a lunch during the week when I'm in the office and Friday is my day to eat out.  I'd heard that a fish 'n chips restaurant called Easy Catch Fish & Chips recently opened around the corner from where I work so I checked it out today.  It's in a former pizza/shawarma restaurant at Yonge/St. Clair.

I ordered haddock 'n chips and a Diet Pepsi.  You place your order when you walk in and then pick it up at the kitchen window when your name is called.  Emily took my order and she was friendly and chatty.

It's a big portion ... good value for the cost
I moved the fish so you could see that there were lots of fries

The fish was flavourful.  The batter was light with a bit of a crisp and I didn't find it overly greasy.  The fries were good too.

You should check it out when you are craving fish 'n chips.

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Isabel said...

Haven't had fish and chips in forever! Looks yum!