Monday 23 February 2015

23andMe - Ancestry composition

A couple weeks ago I ordered DNA kits for Gord and I from 23andMe.  The kit helps you determine your ancestry but also points out any health risks.  I thought the results would be interesting because I'm into genealogy.  The health stuff would be good to know too.

The box the kit comes in
Here's what's inside
Here's what's inside
You have to submit a lot of spit and then
mix it with a solution
Then you put it in the bag and seal it
Then mail it in (postage is included)

We mailed our kits and waited.  We got emails over the weekend that our results were ready.  There is a lot of info to take in but here's my ancestry composition.

Though not a big surprise as I knew that most of my ancestors, both on my maternal and paternal sides, were originally from England, Scotland and Ireland, it was still interesting to see the percentages.  I also knew I had some French ancestry.

Also listed are DNA relatives.  I contacted two that were possible 2nd to 3rd cousins and it turns out they are indeed my cousins ... one is my third cousin and the other is my 2nd cousin 1x removed!  Wow!

It should be interesting to learn more about my results as I dig into it.

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Unknown said...

This is really neat. I'm tempted to get my own