Friday, 12 July 2013

Book ~ "The Rockin' Chair" (2013) Steven Manchester

From Goodreads ~ Memories are the ultimate contradiction. They can warm us on our coldest days or they can freeze a loved one out of our lives forever. The McCarthy family has a trove of warm memories. Of innocent first kisses. Of sumptuous family meals. Of wondrous lessons learned at the foot of a rocking chair. But they also have had their share of icy ones. Of words that can never be unsaid. Of choices that can never be unmade. Of actions that can never be undone.

Following the death of his beloved wife, John McCarthy calls his family back home. It is time for them to face the memories they have made, both warm and cold. Only then can they move beyond them and into the future.

John and Alice have been married for many years, were deeply in love and live on a farm in Montana.  When Alice develops Alzheimer's, sadly she doesn't remember who John is.  John and Alice have a son named Hank who lives nearby ... John and Hank have been estranged for many years because of misunderstandings.  Hank's wife, Elle, takes care of Alice during the day.  Knowing that Alice doesn't have much time left, John summons his grandchildren to come home to the farm.

George is a soldier fighting in Afghanistan who is haunted by what he had to do there.  Evan is a writer living in Massachusetts who is heartbroken because he discovered his fiancee has cheated on him.  Tara dreamed of being a star in New York but instead became homeless after becoming pregnant and addicted to booze and drugs. With his family gathered together, John tries to right all the wrongs.

This is the third book I've read by this author and I enjoyed it.  His books are family-oriented and the family members rely a lot on their faith (I'm not religious and didn't find it overwhelming).

I liked the writing style ... the story flowed well.  It is written in third person and the focus changes throughout the book depending on what was going on.  I liked the characters ... they are well-developed.  John is clearly the patriarch and loved by his family.  As the story progresses, each character tries to confront their demons. John has lots of wisdom to share with his family.

I would recommend this book.


Masshole Mommy said...

Sounds like yet another great book for me to read on the beach!

Steve Manchester said...

Many thanks for the review, Teena- and for sharing THE ROCKIN' CHAIR with your readers!

CMash said...

So glad you enjoyed this book. I absolutely love Mr. Manchester's work and am anxiously awaiting his next.
Very nice review. Thank you for sharing.