Friday, 12 July 2013

Honda Indy 2013, Toronto, ON

The Honda Indy is happening just south of us this weekend (we can hear the cars from our place whipping around the track).

Gord is a big racecar fan.  The last couple of years we have been going down later on the Friday to check it out.  It's free ... you can sit wherever you want and watch the cars race practicing and/or to qualify.

We got there as the cars were getting ready for the Acura Sports Car Challenge.

We walked through the Direct Energy Building to get to the stands by turn 10.  They were hauling in the cars from the Pro Mazda Championship practice that had just finished.

Everyone but the drivers in the Izod Series are in this building.

Back outside, there was a tent where you can buy merchandise (caps, teeshirts, etc.) ... Gord bought a small Go Daddy car driven by Canadian James Hinchcliffe.

We headed for the stands at turn 10.

Though it was just a practice, the stands were packed.

There was a great view of the cars coming around the corner.

There was also a great view of the grounds.

We wandered over to the paddock, where the Izod Series cars are parked.  It's been free in the past to go in ... this year it was $35!!  At the entrance as I was asking the security guard how to get passes (before I knew the cost) and a fella gave Gord two tickets.  Sweet!

The cars were out on the track so there was nothing to see.  Here's James Hinchcliffe's (one of two Canadians) spot.

The Canadian Armed Forces were letting kids crawl over tanks.

William Ashley had a display, which I find odd ... it's hard to believe that four teacups were holding up a racecar, though!

Bigfoot was there!

We sat in the stands by pit lane and watched the Izod Series cars in the qualifying round.

Canadian James Hinchcliffe
Canadian James Hinchcliffe
Canadian James Hinchcliffe coming in to the pit
Not hard to see that this car didn't qualify ... it's getting towed out.

James Hinchcliffe ended up qualifying for 14th spot and gave interviews afterwards.

Though you can have a beer anywhere on the grounds, we wandered over to the beer garden.

After walking around in the sun, my raspberry weiss by Amsterdam Brewery tasted good!

We met up with Gord's friends, Randy and Dan.  Here we are ... Randy, Gail (Al's wife), Al, Dan, me and Gord.  Randy, Dan, Al and Gord worked together for many years more than ten years ago.

I was hungry later on so thought I'd try a bacon wrapped hot dog from Bacon Nation.

I'd been hearing around bacon wrapped hot dogs so was wondering how it would be.  Bacon ... hot dog ..  yum!  This one wasn't very good ... it was deep-fried and fairly tastless.  It wasn't worth $7!

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I've never been to a race. How fun.