Tuesday 2 July 2013

Book ~ "Finding Colin Firth" (2013) Mia March

From Goodreads ~ After losing her job and leaving her beloved husband, journalist Gemma Hendricks is sure that scoring an interview with Colin Firth will save her lagging career and rocky marriage. Yet a heart-tugging local story about women, family ties, love, and loss captures her heart - and changes everything. 

The story concerns Bea Crane, a floundering twenty-two-year old who learns in a deathbed confession letter that she was adopted at birth. Bea is in Boothbay Harbor to surreptitiously observe her biological mother, Veronica Russo - something of a legend in town - who Bea might not be ready to meet, after all. 

Veronica, a thirty-eight-year-old diner waitress famous for her “healing” pies, has come home to Maine to face her past. But when she’s hired as an Extra on the bustling movie set, she wonders if she is hiding from the truth ... and perhaps the opportunity of a real life Mr. Darcy.

These three women will discover more than they ever imagined in this coastal Maine town, buzzing with hopes of Colin Firth. Even the conjecture of his arrival inspires daydreams, amplifies complicated lives, and gives incentive to find their own romantic endings. 

Gemma and her husband, Alexander, have discovered they have different goals.  He wants her to get pregnant, give up her career as a journalist, be a mom and they'd move from the city to to the 'burbs to live near his family.  Gemma, though, is not feeling the maternal urge and even though she has just been downsized and has lost her job, doesn't want to move to the 'burbs to be stay-at-home mom.  Needless to say, this causes tension between the two as they accuse each of being selfish.  Gemma takes the opportunity to get away to Boothbay Harbor, ME, to attend a wedding.  Before she leaves, she discovers she is pregnant.  She is offered a writing assignment and extends her stay.

Bea is 22 and, though she went to university to be a teacher, is working as a cook in a burger joint.  On the year anniversary of her mom's death, she receives a letter from her mom disclosing that Bea was adopted.  She tracks down the info about the adoption and go to Boothbay Harbor see her birth mother.

Veronica works in a diner and makes "healing" pies on the side.  She is haunted by the fact that 22 years ago when she was sixteen, she got pregnant.  Abandoned by her family and the baby's father, she had spent seven months in a home for pregnant girls before putting her daughter up for adoption.  After many years of traveling, she moves back to Boothbay Harbor to deal with her past.

Yes, Bea is Veronica's daughter.  The story deals with Bea and Veronica meeting and figuring out if they have a place in each other's lives.  Gemma's assignment is to write about the 50th anniversary of the home where Veronica had stayed when she was pregnant.  On top of all this, a movie starring Colin Firth is being filmed in the town and all the ladies can't wait until he arrives!

This is the first book I've read by this author and I enjoyed it.  It is the second in a series (the first was The Meryl Streep Movie Club) but you don't need to read the first one ... this one works as a stand alone.  I liked the writing style ... it was well-paced and kept me wanting to read more.

I liked the characters.  Gemma's inner turmoil was apparent ... she's pregnant and is bothered that she's not feeling what she thinks she should.  She's afraid she's going to be like her cold mother.  Bea has no one left in the world but Veronica, a mother she never knew existed until a month ago.  Veronica's past has affected her in that she's never let anyone get close to her.  As the story progresses, each grows and becomes stronger.

I look forward to reading others by this author.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I have a print copy of the 1st book in that series but haven't read it yet. Thanks for this review.

Teena in Toronto said...

I want to read the first one too :)