Wednesday 8 August 2012

Radisson Hotel Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SK

My home away from home in Saskatoon last night was the Radisson Hotel.

Here was my room.  I had asked for a queen bed but got two double beds instead.  There's not a lot of room between the desk chair (it's really jammed into the desk) and the first bed.  I slept in that bed and it was very comfy.

Here's the view from my window.

About a half a block away, towards the river, there is a park.  It's a great spot to go for a walk or hang and relax on a bench.

Parking was $12 if you park in the underground parking lot yourself or an extra $5 if you want it parked for you (I parked my rental car).  WIFI was free and the speed was slow.


Teresa said...

At least the weather is nice.

Masshole Mommy said...

Nice view.....