Sunday 5 August 2012

Book ~ "The Singles" (2012) Meredith Goldstein

From Goodreads ~ Take an instantly recognizable social dilemma—attending a wedding alone—add a good laugh (and maybe a cry) and meet The Singles, the warm and witty debut by Boston Globe “Love Letters” columnist Meredith Goldstein. 

Beth “Bee” Evans’s first vow as a bride is that everyone on her list be invited to bring a guest to her lavish, Chesapeake Bay nuptials. When Hannah, Vicki, Rob, Joe, and Nancy one by one decline Bee’s generous offer, the frustrated bride dubs them the “Singles,” adrift on her seating chart as well as in life.

I hadn't really thought about where you seat singles at a wedding.  This is Bee's dilemma for her wedding where everything has to be perfect ... she has five singles to fit in somewhere at the supper.  Three are the bride's friends from university, one is the son of the groom's mom and the other is the bride's uncle.

Though written in third person, each chapter focuses on one of the singles.  Hannah is still getting over Tom, who will be at the wedding with his new girlfriend, Rob doesn't go to the wedding because he doesn't want to leave his dog, Vicki has depression, Joe is trying to win the approval of his brother and sister-in-law (the bride's parents) and Phil doesn't even know anyone and is going because his mom, a friend of the bride's mom, who was actually invited is sick.

I thought it would be lighter and funnier than it was.  It's a good book to read on vacation.

I received a copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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Did you actually enjoy this one? Let me know of its worth it?