Friday 3 August 2012

Velma's Restaurant and Lounge, St. John's, NL

Our cabby had recommended Velma's on Water Street for as a breakfast place (Gord loves brekkie!).

The sign on the door says they open at 9am and we'd stopped in a couple times but they have been closed.  It became a challenge for it!

We got there today just before noon and it was open.  Yay!

It was jammed when we got there and petered off when we were leaving.

I ordered a hamburger platter.  It was okay, a bit cold.

Gord stayed true to where we are and ordered to appies sizes of Seafood Chowder and Fish and Brewis.

The chowder had salmon, cod, halibut, crab and scallops.  He said it was good.

When he had described Fish and Brewis to me, this is how I pictured it (not creamy like at O'Reilly's).  He liked this one better ... he said it was "pillowy".

We're determined to go back and have breakfast before we go home!

August 4 update:  We had breakfast here this morning.  I just had fried eggs, toast and homefries.  Here's Gord's breakfast.  The homefries were good, the fishcakes a bit mushy and the eggs a bit overcooked (so no runny yoke).

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