Monday 16 January 2012

Standard tip in Toronto restaurants now 20%?

There is an article in today's Toronto Star about tipping.

A 20% tip could be the new normal.

A small but growing number of Toronto restaurants are urging customers to tip more than the customary 15%.

Diners at new Roncesvalles Ave. restaurants The Westerly and The Ace are prompted to tip 20% on their bill when paying with credit and debit cards on handheld terminals.

“We feel we are providing great service. Waiters don’t get paid too much,” said Tom Earl, co-owner of The Westerly.

I thought this was an interesting comment by an owner. If you don't think you are paying your employees well enough, give them a raise, Dude. Why expect me to subsidize your payroll?!

You can read the rest of the article here.

To me, tipping isn't something someone should take for granted. Depending how the service and food are, I tip accordingly. Crappy service = crappy tip.

We discovered when we were in Bermuda a couple weeks ago that there are no taxes but a 17% tip is added onto your bill automatically at most restaurants. It's already built in so you have no choice. Luckily we had great service in the restaurants we checked out.

How do you feel about tipping?

January 20 update: There is a follow-up story in today's Toronto Star about tipping.

Beth Davyduke, co-owner of the Westerly, one of the restaurants whose hand-held terminals prompted a 20% tip, says she has changed the prompt to let the customer fill in a percentage. “We made a mistake. We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. It’s totally between the customer and the server.”


Lat said...

I totally agree with you.

Crappy service = Crappy Tip

I am also surprised at the owner's comments about his staff being paid too little. SERIOUSLY!!?? If they don't get paid enough, give them a raise. Teena, you're so right! Why should we have to subsidize his payroll?

This makes it just THAT much harder to consider taking my family out for dinner. :(

Nancy said...

Lat's comment is EXACTLY what I said when I was reading the article today in the STAR - i completely agree with you guys - although it doesn't affect me much cuz I don't get out much. :)

highheeledlife said...

WOW!! what are these people thinking? a tip is based on service provided ~ perhaps the restaurant association should be lobbying for higher wages for restaurant staff.

I have an idea ... how about a ban (by-law) on tipping and restaurant works start getting paid minimum wage ... problem solved...and if the service (and food) is good then we'll reward the establishment by referring and continuing to eat there = restaurant stays in business = employees continuing to receive a pay cheque.

Stimulating the economy ... is not achieved by making it impossible for people to go out and eat. On that note, wonder if hubby expects a 20% tip after cooking and serving me dinner xo HHL

Sarah said...

I detest forced tipping, but I really don't appreciate the idea of feeling forced to pay 20%. Ridiculous. I'm a generous tipper as a general rule, but I don't tip well if good service isn't there.
How dare it be suggested that people tip 20%.

Isabel said...

Depends on the service. Good service equals good tip.

Suburban Princess said...

Perhaps if people weren't willing to take low paying jobs the restaurants would have no choice but to pay a fair wage! I can't stand the practice of tipping...workers should be paid properly. Not to mention how pissy they get if I get bad service and dont leave any about entitlement! If I'm not entitled to good service they aren't entitled to a tip.