Sunday 1 January 2012

The Bermuda Railway Trail

Gord and I went for a walk for a couple hours this afternoon along the Bermuda Railway Trail.

The Bermuda Railway was a 21.7-mile (34.9 km) common carrier line that operated in Bermuda for a brief period (October 31, 1931 – May 1, 1948). In its 17 years of existence, the railway provided frequent passenger and freight service over its length spanning most of the archipelago from St. George in the east to Somerset, Sandys Parish, in the west.

Construction and maintenance proved to be exceedingly costly, as the Bermuda Railway was built along a coastal route to minimize the amount of land acquisition needed for the right-of-way. In so doing, however, extensive trestles and bridgework were necessary. More than ten percent of the line was elevated on 33 separate structures of timber or steel construction spanning the ocean. In addition, the proximity to the ocean made rot and corrosion a significant problem. This, along with the introduction of private automobiles to the island after World War II, would ultimately doom the line.

In 1984, 18 miles (29 km) of the defunct rail line's right-of-way were dedicated as the Bermuda Railway Trail for hiking and, on some paved portions, biking. The Bermuda Tourism Department publishes a pamphlet describing the Trail's highlights, which Frommer's travel guide calls one of its "Favorite Bermuda Experiences", extolling its "panoramic seascapes, exotic flora and fauna, and soothing sounds of the island's bird life".

It's a gorgeous spot to go for a walk!


Fizzgig said...

how absolutely beautiful! I love the clouds, the sky is one of the things that make me stop and appreciate natures beauty!!!

Gill said...

What a beautiful scenic area. I've got my hubby on google maps looking to see where Bermuda is right now :-) (As you can see my Geography is not too good LOL)

Margaret B said...

Now this is what I call a beautiful hiking trail. How far/long did you walk?

Teena in Toronto said...

From the hotel to the tip and back, it was about 5 miles. An awesome spot!