Friday, 20 January 2012

Shhh ... she's sleeping

Morgan was snoozing on the couch just now and we realized we hadn't seen Crumpet for a while.

What trouble was she getting into?!

I glanced down and noticed her snoozing on their toy shelf (yes, they have a toy shelf!) on some pet blankets.

We've never seen her there before.

Shhhhh ... don't wake her up!


Way Out Wear said...

Cats are the masters of comfort - I wish I had their skillz!

Adaptable Kay said...

Aw, look at that cute little adaptable furball. Lol

It's amazing where you find some cats curled up!

CapricornWoman said...

So cute :)

nancy said...

she seems at home there - side note: I have the exact same jelly bean dispenser.