Sunday 8 January 2012

Housework is indeed evil

I've been on vacation since before Christmas.

On my list of things to accomplish while on vacation was some housework that hasn't been done in a while. Since I'm back to work tomorrow, the deadline was looming!

We live in a condo in a townhouse and the smoke detectors in the eight units in our block are connected. If we set ours off, the other seven go off until I hit a button on ours to turn it (and the others) off. Our oven wasn't too bad but needed cleaning because the smoke detectors are so sensitive. We rarely use our oven as we have a toaster oven ... but when we use it, our neighbours usually know it! I'd sprayed it yesterday and cleaned it along with the rest of the stove and exhaust hood this morning.

I gave the bathroom a good cleaning. And did six loads of laundry.

When I clean the oven, I clean the fridge. I took everything out and threw away all that was outdated. We had a bottle of soy sauce that expired in 2009! I never use soy sauce so never noticed. I did unwittingly use light mayo earlier this week that expired a couple months ago. I ended up throwing out about 15 bottles of stuff!

I moved on to the cupboards. I didn't throw out much (just a bag of outdated bread crumbs) but they are organized again.

Then I tackled the junk drawer. Again, not much was thrown out but it's organized ... for now.

How often do you do heavy duty cleaning?


Gill said...

Great minds definitely think alike because I have been doing a whole bunch of housework, including cleaning out the fridge and freezer and kitchen cupboards! Horrible chores that I keep on putting off, at least they're done now, for a while!

Teresa said...

Cupboards and fridges, ovens every couple of months. House cleaning every week. Grrrrrr to this endless endeavor.