Monday 23 January 2012

Kung hei fat choi!

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Have you checked your horoscope for the year? You can find it here.

I was born in the year of the Tiger. ... here's mine for the year.

The tiger has a very dominant travel sign this year. Wealth and travel seem to be interrelated. Beware of accidents. You are very spiritual — almost psychic — and are drawn to work in international trade, travel, logistics, army or policing. Surgeons and butchers will do particularly well this year. Those in religious, spiritual or metaphysical endeavours will also prosper. Work that involves analysis or logic does not appeal to you. Remember the more mobile you are, the more money you make. You will generate more income in a sales or marketing job than you would at a desk job. Romances may be weak, so be happy with what you have. Expect a healthy year ahead, but be mindful of accidents that may lead to bleeding.

Highlights for people born in tiger years:

1998 - Your mind seems to have trouble settling down. You have a big imagination. Don’t let it interfere with your studies.

1986 - Your income comes with hard work. At least it pays off well for you.

1974 - Your work will be smooth because of help from your boss or someone elderly.

1962 - You will have a good circle of friends. You will favour partnership business. You will do better outside the office.

1950 - You can help a lot of people. Hence you would do well as a teacher or councillor. An education career is good for you.

1938 - You should refrain from all kinds of gambling or speculations. Pay more attention to your health and enjoy life.

So I've got to be out of the office often (which isn't hard considering my job) and stay away from sharp objects.

How is your year looking?


Fizzgig said...

i was born in the year of the fitting for docile little me! kick ass with your new year!!!

Isabel said...

I'm a sheep .


1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943, 1931 and 1919

You are connecting to the dragon year quite well. Hence there will be luck for you, together with new projects and opportunities. New projects and opportunities are on the horizon. You will succeed in the fields of medicine, art and design. Your money signs are strong, and investments will do well. New sources of income are on their way. If you are single, consider marriage. If you are married, beware of extramarital relations. In general, your relationships will be good. An older man will help you. Pay attention to your digestive system. Eat healthily.

Highlights for people born in sheep years:

1979Most things you do tend to be ups and downs. Hence be conservative. If you are employed, stay put. If you are self-employed, do not expand.

Masshole Mommy said...

I was the year of the rabbit as well. I'm hoping for an awesome new year & I hope you have one, too!!

LeeAnn said...

Dog - looks to be a good year!

Teresa said...

Meh kind of year for the OX. Lets hope its a good one regardless.

Mary said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

seems like there are lots of rabbits here..myself included!

Gill said...

Happy Chinese New Year. I'm heading off to read mine right now!