Monday 30 January 2012


I am not much of a shopper ... I have to be in the mood to shop.

If I need or want something, I’ll go get it. I’m not one to wander the malls just because I am bored and have nothing to do.

And I like getting things that are different than I can get in the stores.

Are you like me?

Or do you live in a community where there isn’t a lot of choice of stores?

Then you should check out CentrSource at

You type in what you are looking for (by brand, seller, keyword or category) and then narrow down the offers to where you want to find it (by city, postal code or neighbourhood).

An offer is a product or service a seller wants to share with you:
  • Incentive
  • Coupon
  • Promotion
  • Discount on an item or service
  • Event
  • Free trial

They make shopping easy by providing you only with targeted results on what you’re looking for that are local to you. When you shop for something you want, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and in a location near you. You can choose to purchase right away, request a product sample, request more information or print a coupon to take in to the store.

Their goal is to provide you with greater choice, complete security and privacy as well as convenience and total satisfaction. They have created a spot that lets you shop and browse when you want and for products and services that you can trust that are relevant to you and your needs.

Plus you can earn SourcePoint$ while you shop. With SourcePoint$, you get rewarded in many ways – from registering as a consumer to responding to offers. Sellers may award you SourcePoint$ to print a coupon, request more information, request a product sample or for hundreds of other actions. You can use your SourcePoint$ to redeem in their SourcePoint$ Store.

Once you register, you can customize your homepage. For example, if you find a seller you really like, just click "Follow Seller" and you'll be informed of all of their offers, now and in the future. You won't ever miss out on an opportunity again.

CentrSource is the link between you and their sellers who will customize their offers just for you - when you want it and local to your neighbourhood.

Happy shopping!

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