Friday 6 January 2012

Introducing ... the (Sub)urban Tourist

It was a nice surprise today to discover that the (Sub)urban Tourist is highlighting me (yes, it's all about me!).

So I thought I'd return the favour and introduce you to ...

(Sub)urban Tourist is a personal blog about travel, enjoying the outdoor lifestyle and exploring good food and dining experiences. Focused on Ontario and Canada in general, (Sub)urban Tourist is also about foreign travel, trends, and social media apps that make exploring so much easier. This blog strives to share knowledge and insights with our readers.

Editor-in-chief is Margaret ...

A Mississauga native, Margaret is a public relations professional by day, occasional blogger by night, and explorer (with fiancé Frank) on the weekend. A desk job during the week means that she itches to get out into the open, whether it's for a hike, a road trip or just experiencing something different. Her interests include travel, dining, the outdoor lifestyle and social media.

I've been following the (Sub)urban Tourist for a couple months and suggest you check 'em out ... right now ... go on ... get over there!

1 comment:

Margaret B said...

It's a mutual love-fest! Thank you darling Teena for the post back. :) We'll have to do a meet-up someday soon - perhaps in Etobicoke (mid-way).