Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Book ~ "Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress" (2010) Natalie Anderson

From ~ Pampered princess Amanda Winchester was like an itch that Jared James couldn't scratch. But the tables have now turned: Jared is successful, Amanda has nothing, and he is her new boss. It's payback time - and bedding the delectable Amanda will be his reward!

Amanda hates that bad boy Jared has the upper hand, even if succumbing to his sensual demands will be sweet torture! But when Jared realises he's taken her virginity everything changes. Not content with one night, Jared is determined to make Amanda his mistress ...

I'm not sure how I ended up with this on my Kobo but it was there. I don't buy Harlequin Romance-style books so I know I didn't buy it ... I'm assuming I downloaded it for free somewhere. I thought I'd give it a shot.

I found it to be a naive story. Amanda and Jared knew each other as teens ... she was rich and he was poor. Nine years and seven months later (yes, both had kept track), they run into each other on a plane. She's working for an advertising agency and all her money is going towards keeping her grandfather as healthy as possible. Coincidentally the meeting she is rushing to is to bid on his company's business (he's now rich). Of course, the agency wins the business on the condition the Amanda is the account manager. Lots of tension follows along with a happy ending.

Given that it was a romance, it was a light quick read. I enjoyed the writing style. I'd check out the author's books if she wrote non-Harlequin books.

What's up with the title, though? I'm glad I was reading it on my Kobo and not on the subway ... otherwise I'd have to hide the cover in embarrassment. Ha!


Feisty Crone said...

I like the title!

Xioe said...

Hi teena!! thanks a lot for let me a comentary, I do not remember my blogversary!! LOL so crazy!! I will to read your blog to meet you better :) have a nice weekend...

PD: my englis is very bad, sorry!! ;)