Saturday, 23 April 2011

A day touring breweries ... Toronto Beer Lovers Meetup Group

Gord and I did a day trip today with the Toronto Beer Lovers Meetup Group.

Reethi did an excellent job organizing 35 of us ... this meetup included a bus and a tour of three craft breweries in Guelph and Oakville.

Our first stop was Wellington Brewery in Guelph (about an hour away).

They let us have as many samples of their beers as we wanted. My favourite was the S.P.A.

Bryan, the assistant brewmaster, gave us a tour.

The next stop was F & M Brewery in Guelph.

My favourite beer there was Stone Hammer pilsner.

George, one of the brewmasters, gave us a tour.

By then, it was 2:30ish ... time to eat. Darlene, our driver, took us to a strip mall. Gord and I had pizza at Pizza Depot ... I've never heard of this chain and it was good.

Then off we went to Trafalgar Brewing Co. in Oakville.

There we could help ourselves to tallboys of Paddy's Irish Red and Elora Grand Lager.

Dave, one of the brewmasters, gave us a tour.

It was a fun day! And it was great not having to worry about driving.


BetteJo said...

Watching TV today somebody was talking about what people are doing to save money in this economy and somebody said - they're buying their beer by the keg. Much cheaper that way. It's a good excuse anyway!

Sarah said...

It must have been a fun and interesting day!

Lord of the Wings said...

What a great road trip! Beer, Pizza, Beer, more beer.

JCB said...

If you ever go to South Africa, my uncle works in a brewery and will give you a tour! I would be interested to know what you think of South African beer - I dont drink it but I love watching your explorations.