Monday, 18 April 2011

Breathe in - Write out ... with Yvette Raposo

My friend, Yvette, conducted the first of four sessions this evening which included deep breathing, meditation and stretching.

Learn about that clear space in your mind which you’ll want to visit often by finding that place of peace in your heart.

No past experience necessary … no expectations … permission to allow yourself to be guided by me, simply share the energy and observe the stillness within … pay attention to what arises, the potential … your choice.

Guided Meditation
Relaxation through Breath
Writing for Clarity
Sealed by Stretching

It was at the Centering Space at Broadview/Danforth.

Yvette wants to keep the sessions small and there were seven of us.

She started by explaining about meditation, the principles and benefits.

Then she led us through some deep breathing exercises.

Here she is in front of her meditation altar.

I've been wanting to get into meditation for a while. Because my mind goes all over the place, I knew I needed guided meditation to keep me focused.

Yvette led us through a guided ten minute meditation ... it seemed like it was only three minutes! Happily I was able to stay focused on Yvette's words and voice. I felt very relaxed and restful afterwards.

She finished up by having us do some stretches.

I'm looking forward to the next three weeks to explore it more.


highheeledlife said...

WOW!!! that is just around the corner from our home in Toronto!!! Oh how I wish there was such a place here near our country home (where we live full time)... I look forward to reading more about your experience with this in future posts!! HHL

yvette raposo said...

Thanks Teena!!! That felt super special for different reasons:-)))

Teresa said...

I need to get back to taking care of myself. Glad you enjoyed.

Way Out Wear said...

Good for you Tina! I'm sure you'll really enjoy the benefits, I know I have.

Tatiana said...

I like meditating, but don't do enough of it. I need to prioritize it more, that's for sure.

Suburban Princess said...

I always wondered if I would be able too sit through a mind is all over the place too and I always think I would be thinking of a million things given an hour of quite time lol

Cate @ The Blonde Diaries said...

I love guided meditation. I need to schedule a session with my therapist soon. She has a book she reads from for 30-40 minutes and it is the most relaxing time of the day. We also have a 5 minute session at the end of yoga class but I haven't been in months. Maybe I'll go next week.