Monday 4 April 2011

Book ~ "The Top 100 Canadian Singles" (2010) Bob Mersereau

From Amazon ~ A book that gets to the heart of the matter! Whether you're a professional musician or an air guitarist, a collector or a true amateur, this book will shake things up! The Top 100 Canadian Singles will undoubtedly stir the souls, ears, and tongues of music lovers everywhere. And answer the question, for better or for worse. Bob Mersereau has assembled a blue ribbon panel of musicians, broadcasters, reviewers, managers, promoters, record-label executives, retailers, roadies and more to cast their votes in a major nationwide poll. John Roberts, Canada's original VJ; Joel Plaskett; Sarah Slean; the late Paul Quarrington; CBC's Stuart McLean; Sam Roberts; Sophie Durocher; and Eric Trudel all contributed lists -- along with hundreds more. Whose single will make it to the top 10? The top 40? The top 100? Neil or Leonard? Feist or Alanis? k.d. lang or Stompin' Tom? The Guess Who or Arcade Fire? Gilles Vigneault or k-os? Once again, the countdown is on! We'll all be waiting for the answer in early October. This oversized, full colour book features in-depth interviews with musicians, fascinating facts, musician-penned sidebars, documentary photographs, cover art, and much, much more.

I love music ... the 16,000 songs I have on my ipod can attest to that. So this book interested me.

The hundreds of jurors who voted on the songs included musicians, DJs, fans, writers and so on. The songs range from 1950 (Hank Snow's I'm Movin' On) to 2007 (Wintersleep's Weighty Ghost) Some songs I love, some I don't love (I'm not a fan of Bryan Adams, Neil Young or Joni Mitchell) and some from Quebec I hadn't heard of.

With each song, there is a picture and a high level description of the song.

The big surprise to me was the Great Big Sea didn't make it to the list.

So of the 100 songs that made the list, here are my favourites:


Feisty Crone said...

Ha! When I read the title of this post in my Google Reader, I thought you meant single people :) That's my brain after 5 p.m. on Monday!

Teena in Toronto said...

Ha! That's funny, Gran!

LeeAnn said...

I thought the same thing and wondered why I was not on the list :-)))

LOL on the rough trade song.. didn't you think it was sooooo risque when it was on the radio when we were younger.. especially regarding the jeans... I think they bleeped some of it out..

HOW do you get that many songs on ..I don't understand?

Teena in Toronto said...

You should be on the 100 top Canadian singles, LeeAnn!

I didn't understand the Rough Trade song 'til I was much older.

My ipod holds about 40,000 songs.

Suburban Princess said...

Great songs! I saw Trooper on the light night Rock&Roll Heaven was open!

I spent a lot of summer days in my teens listening to Lighthouse :O)

When I played I'm an adult now...I was thinking gawd this look ok *whimper* 1986? Whaaa!

LeeAnn said...

But do you pay for them????
I know I know techno challenged....
I have to get an Ipod

Darlene said...

That's a LOT of songs!! Thanks for reminding me about TPOH!! D/Ling it now as we speak!

JCB said...

I had no idea that k-os was Canadian! This is one I have to check out, I LOVE music.