Thursday 10 September 2009

Book ~ "Dog on It" (2009) Spencer Quinn

From Goodreads ~ Chet the Jet is a dog who failed K-9 school (cats in the open country played a role in his demise) but now he is a dedicated PI and works with Bernie, owner of the Little Detective Agency. 

The story is told entirely from Chet’s point of view, which will delight dog-loving mystery readers but the book is also an excellent PI tale, dogs aside, as Chet and Bernie investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl whose developer dad may be up to no good. 

Chet may not understand things like maps (he doesn’t need them as he can sniff his way home) but he is a great sleuth who finds the girl and solves the case. The always upbeat Chet may well be one of the most appealing new detectives on the block but conscientious, kind and environmentally aware Bernie is a close runner-up. Excellent and fully fleshed primary and secondary characters, a consistently doggy view of the world and a sprightly pace make this a not-to-be-missed debut. Essential for all mystery collections and for dog lovers everywhere.

I love dogs!

I love mysteries!

It's written from the perspective of Chet, the dog, which is interesting.

The mystery itself is so-so but Chet's observations were cute ... you get into the mind of the dog where chew toys rock!

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