Saturday 5 September 2009

Walking home

Gord and I walked home from the Fiera Festival and went down Ossington Avenue.

The stretch between Dundas W and Queen W has changed a lot in the last couple years. It's become trendy and there are lots of restaurants and bars. We stopped at some along the way.

Gord on the patio at the Painted Lady.

Gord at an art show ... it's a garage by day and a gallery for budding artists at night.

Gord at Levack Block.

Gord at our last stop, Baby Huey's Place, with the bouncer.

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Lorna said...

i love those funny little places in Toronto, I can never find them by myself, but I know where they are in Ottawa.

And about my daughter's wedding dress: when I saw it on her, that's tghe first thing I said---It goes great with your tattoo. The wedding dress store owner nearly choked on his TicTacs