Sunday, 27 September 2009

Book ~ "Bermuda Schwartz" (2008) Bob Morris

From ~ When a benign trip to Bermuda with his significant other is upset by a brutal murder, and some financial jiggery-pokery robs him of $2 million from a Bermuda bank account, former Miami Dolphins linebacker Zack Chasteen blitzes. He's quickly up to his keister in violent local thugs, the search for sunken treasure, Bermudan police and his own machinations to recover his two mil. Morris' third Zack novel is amiable, engaging and brisk, and Zack's direct approach to problem solving is a pleasant change of pace from so many of today's conflicted and complex fictional knights errant. But some readers may feel they've been shorted on character development, and others will miss a strong sense of place.

This is the third in the Zack Chasteen series.

I enjoyed the first two (though I'd read them out of order). This one was okay, not as good as the first two.

I found that it got bogged down with too many details of the history of the sunken treasure. And there seemed to be so many characters to keep track of (no doubt to throw the reader off).

I wasn't enthused about the one who dunnit ... and less excited about the quick wrap up at the end. It wasn't necessary.

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Tina said...

sounds like my kind of book. although i never have the time to read any these days :(

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