Friday 11 September 2009

Whole lotta hackin' goin' on!

I use Yahoo for my email address.

I discovered this morning that I'd been hacked.

An email from a company in China had sent to my contacts advertising their junk.

I sent them an email right away telling them that hacking into my Yahoo account was illegal and that I had reported them to the authorities.

I have no idea who the "authorities" are but my email sounded pissed!

I got an email back right away ...

my dear,
i am sorry to bother u by it.we will contact the Advertising agency who is responsible for publicity and promotion of our products. and let them stop this action. please could u change the password of ur email address?if u do that, no virus email will be sent eo u. thanks.

Changing my password was the first thing I had done ... then I sent an email to my contacts letting them know it wasn't me.

How did they have access to my Yahoo account in the first place?!


kenju said...

I think it's pretty scary when something like that happens. I'll be sure to change my password should it ever happen to me.

I got some spam mail purporting to come from someone in my address book, and her computer had a virus that allowed it to hack everyone in her address book.

Tanya sent me.

Julie said...

Yikes! I find it absolutely frightening how a complete stranger can break into someone else's email/website/accounts like it's nothing and wreak havoc. That's why I'm reluctant to do online banking/bill paying. I don't trust the internet with something that important.

Lorna said...

Don't you think their reply to you is a little lacking in apology? And I had to smile at the familiarity of "my dear". The internet makes our lives interesting, at the least.

David Edward said...

my yahoo got hacked and the password changed and then it, they took over my facebook and posted porn.
now I have yahoo back and thought I had it all straight with facebook, but the disabled my account a few days ago without saying why.... Grrrrr!

9-11-2001 Never forget

Tina said...

there are lots of ways these hackers can get your info. just by chatting on yahoo they can hack in and get info from your convo its horrible!

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