Monday 8 December 2008

New breakfast duo

Remember I tried and liked Guardian cereal a couple weeks ago?

And remember I tried and liked Silk soy beverage last month?

I recently bought cinnamon-flavoured Guardian cereal and Light Silk and tried them this morning.

The Guardian cereal was delish (as is the original) so I'll be buying both again.

I was a soy milk newbie until last month and liked the chocolate and plain. I discovered that I like the Light Silk better than the regular. It's consistency is more like regular milk (not as thick) and the taste is lighter ... for a lot less calories.


Mom Knows Everything said...

The chocolate is okay, but I don't like the other flavors.

kalea_kane said...

My husband is a Silk guy. He can't have lactose so this works great for him. Myself...I have to worry about my thyroid so no soy for me. I am going to keep the Light in mind for him sometime to just try. I always thought the Silk was a little thick.

Unknown said...

I don't know if we have that cereal here in the U.S. I'll have to check it out.

MYM said...

I haven't tried that cereal yet, I just may pick some up. I could eat cereal for all 3 meals,lol. I like the soy milk, and buy it especially for cereal.