Thursday 4 December 2008

Book ~ "Notes on a Beermat Drinking and Why It's Necessary" (2008) Nicholas Pashley

From HarperCollinsCanada ~ First published in 2001 to national acclaim, Notes on a Beermat is Nicholas Pashley’s ode to the amber nectar of the gods, a witty meditation on beer and everything that goes with it — from socializing to the solitary pleasures of a beer and a book, to the qualities necessary in a good pub.

Most books about beer focus on the beverage itself, how to make it and how to buy it. Notes on a Beermat, the only Canadian book of its kind, explains how to drink beer and why it is absolutely necessary. With characteristic wit and charm, Pashley observes, for example, that “to ensure a steady and regular supply of beer, it was necessary to cultivate grain. This in turn transformed early man from the hunter-gatherer to the agriculturist. Even then, beer was making people smarter.”
Whether you’re out for an after-work drink with colleagues or you’re looking for a seat at your favourite watering hole, Pashley is your guide. His stories about searching for the perfect pub, the best time of day to drink beer and the silliest pub conversation he’s ever had will leave you laughing into your pint.

Gord had read this and recommended it. It's a funny and interesting read about beer.

In addition, Pashley talks about pubs all over the world. He lives in Toronto and I've been to some of the ones he mentions here.

Especially interesting is the Subway Game ... you pick a subway station you've never been to. Then you proceed to find a licensed establishment and have a beer. And then move on to the next place and so on. It's not about winning or losing points ... it's about finding hidden treasures. Gord and I sort of do that on occasion ... we'll go for a walk and will only stop in places we've never been before.

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