Thursday 18 December 2008

Book ~ "Now and Then" (2008) Robert P. Parker

From ~ When a client who suspects his wife is cheating on him is murdered in Parker's 35th Spenser adventure, the Boston PI takes it personally, not only because the case resonates with Spenser's past history with love interest Susan, but also because Spenser feels he can't let a client get murdered without doing something about it. The repartee is up to Parker's high standards, and the detection is hands on and straightforward, with Spenser carrying the load. Since Spenser's aides, including the stalwart Hawke, outclass the heavies, Spenser has time to deal with the mysterious other man, Perry Alderson, whose academic background appears as suspect as his dealings with various subversive groups. This briskly paced cat-and-mouse game offers Spenser fans exactly what they've come to expect from the reliable Parker— no-nonsense action and plenty of romantic give-and-take between Susan and Spenser, who even find the subject of marriage intruding once more.

I used to read a lot Parker's Spencer novels ... but I got tired of Susan, Spencer's longtime girlfriend. I found her to be annoying and her character ruined the books.

I picked this one up and was happy to find Susan not so much the focus or annoying.

The story line was so-so, not overly exciting.

The constant references to Susan's cheating 20 years ago was tiresome ... it was 20 years ago yet Spencer keeps going on about how he love love loves Susan.

I won't be rushing out for the latest one.

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