Monday 15 December 2008

Chillin' Chicks supper

I had supper tonight with Franca, Liz and Rona.

We used to work together until ten years ago and still get together on a regular basis.

We went to Casey's on Front Street. Our waiter has zero personality and was no fun at all.

I usually have chicken parm and pasta alfredo. But they took it off the menu so I didn't know what to do! So I went with something easy ... wings. They were okay, just not what I was in the mood for.

Here's Franca, Chia kitty, and Rona:

Here's Liz, Teena, Chia kitty Franca and Rona:

It's always fun to get together and catch up!

And you can see that Chia kitty is quite the hit with the ladies!


Lord of the Wing said...

more wings!!! but they sounded like they weren't that great. Sorry to hear that again.

I hate it when restaurants change around their menu all the time - you know they are going to take your dish off the menu when they do.

Teresa said...

I too met up with my lady friends. Our waitress was super nice. Its always great to get together with the girls for a nice supper and a few good hearty laughs. Keep warm up the in TO.

Anonymous said...

Dude!!! Loved getting together. It was an awesome time! But that will be the last side profile I ever let you get of me. Not nice. :( Merry Christmas you pic-happy friend o' mine. Here's to hoping there's that camera I asked for under the tree for me and then sweet revenge will be mine! ;)