Wednesday 23 August 2023

Book ~ "The Mutt for Me" (2023) Don Hughes

From Goodreads ~ Having never had a dog of his own before, Don was not prepared for what it meant to adopt one of the most behaviorally difficult rescues in the shelter. But something about Barbie, a mutt that everyone had given up on, a mutt so fearful and unresponsive that she was within days of being put down, convinced Don to open his home and his heart for the first time to a canine companion, changing both of their lives forever.

Interspersed with Don’s most poignant memories of volunteering at his local animal shelter, "The Mutt for Me" follows the many misadventures of Don and Barbie on their mutual journey of growth and healing. You’ll see Barbie transform from the terrified, despondent recluse to the lively and almost always well-behaved dog she is today.

As the first-time dog dad of a pup in need of significant behavioral development, Don shows that with enough love, patience, and dedication, anyone can provide a home to a rescue animal. "The Mutt for Me" is a heartwarming story about how our pets have the capacity to transform and heal us as much as we can do the same for them.

Don Hughes had been a volunteer at an animal shelter for a few years and found it rewarding. When he saw a video of Barbie, a dog who had been brought into the shelter for adoption, there was something about her that drew her to him. When he checked her out, she had obviously been abused and had given up. The rescue was days away from euthanizing her. He adopted her and was determined to show her love. It took a long time and much patience and money but they eventually formed a loving bond to the point where Barbie is now sleeping in his bed.

I like reading books about animals and I've volunteered with a cat rescue for many years so this book caught my eye. It was a nice story and I'm glad it had a happy ending. Many would have given up on a dog with such behaviour issues but Don never did. Yay!

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