Monday 7 August 2023

"Truck", Theatre Centre, Toronto, ON

SummerWorks Performance Festival runs from August 3 to 13. Tickets start at $15 (you pay what you want).

Join us for 11 days of diverse encounters and curious collaborations with artists, audiences and creative partners from across Canada and around the world.

Curated by and in conversation with our six Guest Curators, the 2023 Festival asks crucial questions about our relationship to our senses, and heightens our embodied awareness of the world around us. You’ll experience a diverse mix of innovative and sensorial performance experiences combined with unique and thought-provoking creative exchanges.

If you’ve attended in the past or you are just now encountering the Festival for the first time - welcome! There is so much rich potential in the moment of meeting; between two people and between artist and audience. There’s a sensation that’s palpable; there’s a spark that ignites when we share space in intimacy and in proximity with one another. There’s an endless array of possibilities.

Whether it’s in the theatre, at the Market, or on the dance floor, we look forward to meeting you and sharing space with you!

Though not recently, over the years, Gord and I have seen many SummerWorks productions and have enjoyed them.  We like them because you never know what to expect.

This evening we saw Truck at the Theatre Centre, which is in our 'hood, and it was excellent! Interesting story with talented actors. Alas, this evening was the only performance.

It’s 2038 and tech-giant Edison is set to introduce a line of self-driving trucks. The vehicles will make ninety-nine percent of long-haul trucking autonomous, putting thousands out of work. Tonight, you’re invited to a retirement speech for the last truck driver in America.

Presented as a staged reading, ‘Truck’ is a new play about technology, work and the challenges of the near future.

Graham Isador – Playwright, Director
Adam Lazarus – Performer
Ellie Moon – Performer
Tim Walker – Performer

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