Wednesday 30 August 2023

Clear Lake Brewing Co., Torrance, ON

Gord and I had three meals this week at Clear Lake Brewing Co. in Torrance, ON (in Muskoka). We were staying across the street at the Muskoka BeerSpa, which owns the restaurant/brewery. You can buy beer and souvenirs to take home.

Monday - lunch

They brew their beer onsite.  I liked their honey cream ale.

Gord had a Caesar wrap and fries.

I had the burger and fries special (for $15). 

Both were good. Abby was our server and she friendly and chatty and took good care of us.

Tuesday - supper

That night the special was $18 for a pint and a pound of chicken wings so that’s what Gord and I had. His were battered and mine were battered and then tossed in medium sauce. Yum!

I recognized Jason Couse of The Darcys, a rock band out of Toronto, when he came in with his dad and mentioned it to Leah, our friendly and chatty server, and she brought him over to our table. We had met Jason about 20 years ago at Ontario Place when they were just starting out. Nice fella then and nice fella now! 

Wednesday - supper

When we went for supper, it was jammed inside so we ate outside in the “beer garden”.

I had the steak and frites special ($25). I’d ask for medium and the steak was well-done but happily still tender. The fries were overdone.

Gord had a club sandwich and said it was good. His fries were overdone too.

Cam Galloway entertained in the “beer garden” and was really good.

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