Monday 21 August 2023

Book~ "No Crying in Baseball: The Inside Story of A League of Their Own" (2023) Erin Carlson

From Goodreads ~ The inside story of how "A League of Their Own" - one of the most beloved baseball movies of all time - developed from an unheralded piece of American history into a perennial cinematic favorite. Featuring exclusive interviews and behind the scenes memories from the original cast and creators, . "No Crying in Baseball"  is a rollicking, revelatory deep dive into a one‑of‑a‑kind film. Before "A League of Their Own", few American girls could imagine themselves playing professional ball (and doing it better than the boys). But Penny Marshall's genre outlier became an instant classic and significant aha moment for countless young women who saw that throwing like a girl was far from an insult. 

Part fly‑on‑the‑wall narrative, part immersive pop nostalgia, "No Crying in Baseball"  is for readers who love stories about subverting gender roles as well as fans of the film who remain passionate thirty years after its release. With key anecdotes from the cast, crew, and diehard fanatics, Carlson presents the definitive, first‑ever history of the making of the treasured film that inspired generations of Dottie Hinsons to dream bigger and aim for the sky.

I like reading books that give the inside scoop and behind the scenes happenings of movies and TV shows so that's why this book caught my eye. It gives very detailed information about how this movie came to be ... from the beginning right to the end. There is also background about Penny Marshall, the director, and the actors and actresses involved. It had been a while since I've seen the movie so I watched it a couple nights ago so it made more sense as I was reading the book as I now knew exactly what the author was describing ... I'd recommend you watch the movie before starting the book if you haven't seen it in a while.

It was an interesting read. It's obvious the author did a lot of research ... there are about 60 pages of source notes at the back of the book. I did find it confusing at times, though, because there is so much detail and I couldn't keep track sometimes of who was who ... org charts would have been handy. And it would have been nice to have some pictures.

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