Tuesday 29 August 2023

El Gringo’s Cantina, Torrance, ON

Gord and I checked out El Gringo’s Cantina, which has a spot at the top of Muskoka BeerSpa in Torrance, ON, a couple times. It has a fun vibe with Latin tunes blasting.

On Monday evening, we stopped in for margaritas … mine was strawberry and his was lemon. They were fun and tasty!

Gord and I

Today we had lunch there. If you go, have patience. From the time I got in line to order, ordered and got our food, it was an hour. It wasn't overly busy ... about ten people.

We got a margarita (mine was strawberry and Gord's was lemon).

They don't have a big selection. Gord had Esquites (Mexican corn salad, ancho chili, crema, herbs, pickles and cortina cheese) and he liked it.

I had Mexican Fried Chicken. It was good but not a great value for the $$. There were three small chicken pieces and they weren't boneless. They were obviously freshly cooked so hot hot hot ...yay! There were no forks ... just spoons and knives ... so it was hard to eat until it cooled down a bit.

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