Thursday 6 May 2021, Sunderland, ON

I recently came across (in Sunderland, ON) on Instagram.

I love scented candles and have plenty but this company intrigued me.

First there's the name.  I assumed "wtf" is what a lot of us have been saying for more than a year ... "what the f$$k?!"  But according to the website, it's short for "Wow, That's Fantastic!".  The names of the candles are cute.

Second, the candles are in a can.  Yes, a can!

So I had to order some to check them out ... and they just arrived.

By ordering two (I chose Mint to be and Karma is a Beach), You Are ASSome was free.  Plus there was no charge for shipping because my order was more than $40.

I appreciated the personal thank you

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