Tuesday 18 May 2021

Book ~ "The Art of Taking It Easy: How to Cope with Bears, Traffic, and the Rest of Life's Stressors" (2019) Brian King

From Goodreads ~ Dr. Brian King got a degree in psychology before becoming a world-touring comic and the host of humor therapy seminars attended by more than ten thousand people each year. 

In this guide, he presents hands-on techniques for managing stress by rewiring our brains to approach potentially difficult situations through a lens of positivity. 

To do so, Dr. King explores what stress is, where it comes from, and what it does to our bodies and brains. He delves deep into how to address everyday stress - as well as anxiety, insecurities, repression, and negativity - and gives insight into resulting ailments such as anxiety disorders, depression, hypertension, obesity, substance abuse disorders, and more. 

Dr. King’s techniques are chemical- and cost-free, and embrace humor, resilience, relaxation, optimism, gratitude and acceptance. Instead of a dry medical approach to dealing with stress, this unique volume is filled with life-changing tips and instructions presented with humor and a wealth of memorable, smile-inducing anecdotes. 

Brian King is a psychologist and comedian in his forties and a fairly new dad.  He is an admittedly happy and optimistic guy.  This is his guide on what stress is and how to deal with it.  If we are in a stressful situation, is there anyone we can do about it?  If not, let it go.  He also gives strategies to deal with stress like keeping your brain stimulated/distracted with puzzles and games, having goals and making plans, exercising to get rid of negative energy, not being a helicopter parent so your children can develop resilience and know how to figure things out for themselves, positive thinking, faking it 'til you make it with smiling, and more.

I liked the conversational writing style ... throughout the book he included personal stories.  It was interesting and informative without being too scientific and amusing at times.  In each chapter, there are summaries which he amusingly refers to as info for the "skimmers".  As a head's up, there is swearing.  

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