Friday 7 May 2021

Hooky's Fish & Chips, Toronto, ON

Gord picked up lunch for us today at Hooky's Fish & Chips (on Queen Street W/Strachan Avenue).  It's been there since 2017 but it's the first time we've had it.

Gord ordered halibut and fries with mushy peas.

He also ordered crab cakes and mushy peas, which he's going to have for breakfast tomorrow.

I ordered haddock and fries.

The fish was good and the portions were big.  Next time I'd order one with fries and one without and share the fries.  There were lots of fries and neither us could eat them all.  By sharing the fries, there would be plenty for the two of us.

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Karen said...

Oh man. Those are some good looking fish and chips!