Monday 31 August 2020

Marie Curtis Park, Etobicoke, ON

It was such a nice day (sunny and 24C) so Gord and I drove to Marie Curtis Park this morning to go for a walk.  It's about a 20 minute drive west of us and is a park we've never been to.

Marie Curtis Park is named after the Longbranch Reeve (a small village) Mayor Marie Curtis and is one of the few beaches in North America named after a female community leader. This park was created in the late 1950s to help control flooding after Hurricane Hazel nearly swept local homes in the area out into Lake Ontario. Throughout this park, you can find an abundance of wildlife and native plants. There is a playground, wading pool, a public swimming beach, picnic spots and walking trails including a connection to the Waterfront Trail. You will always find something to do at Marie Curtis Park.

This was a nice spot we parked near so we sat for a bit and watched the birds.

A young girl and her grandparents arrived with bread and it didn't take long for all the birds to come over.

We headed towards the water.

There are a couple of piers and we walked first to the end of the east one.

There is a beach to the east of it
There's the CN Tower peeking out above the trees
Gord and I
Me and Gord

We watched a woman and her dog play fetch with a stick on the beach on the west side ... over and over and over.

We headed north to cross over a foot bridge to get to the other pier.

Inspirational rocks under a tree ...

We crossed over the bridge.

Looking south
Looking north

On the other side, heading for the pier ...

The beach on the west side

We watched this guy wind surfing ... it was quite windy so he had no problem.

There was a guy kayaking waaaaaaaaaay out there

Looking over at the east pier and beach ...

We headed back towards the foot bridge ...

How cute is this dog?!

We walked along the beach ...

Surprisingly there is a cannon!

Gord loves cannons!

We sat under a tree for a while and enjoyed the sound of the waves ...

It's a cute park ... we'll be back!

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Teresa said...

What a perfect day! This looks like a great place to walk around.