Sunday 23 August 2020

The Last Resort, Toronto, ON

The Last Resort is a patio on what used to be an old garage on Ossington (north of Argyle) and it opened a couple weeks ago.  One side is Dynasty, a plant shop, and the other is taco bar/patio.  We had to sign in to sit on the patio.

You walk up to the bar and order/pay for drinks and/or food and they are brought to your table.  I ordered the "Sloosh du Jour", which was a Sicilian (orange juice, gin and Campari).  I didn't feel like a beer or wine and asked for something sweet and that's what was suggested.  It was okay ... more bitter than sweet.

Gord ordered cerviche (it's made with shrimp and scallops) and he said it was good.

I ordered tortilla chips and salsa.  The salsa was tasty and the chips had a good crunch.

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Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Looks like a yummy and safe place to eat!