Wednesday 5 August 2020

Bronte Creek Park, Burlington, ON

It was a nice day (sunny and 24C) so Gord and I headed to Bronte Creek Park in Burlington (about a half hour drive west of Toronto).  It's been a while since we've been there.

This is the Spruce Lane Farmhouse, which was built in 1899. It is a turn-of-the-century historic house museum near the remaining original apple orchards. It's usually open in the summer.

We headed toward the trails.

The first one we did was the Trillium Trail (1.1km).

Then we headed to the Half Moon Valley Trail (1.6km).

You have to go downhill a few times
This trail took us to Bronte Creek Ravine
I couldn't resist and stood in the water for a while ... it wasn
We followed along path which took us further up the ravine ...
and yes, I walked into the water again
Since we had down downhill, we had to go back uphill again
Looking down at the ravine
The last climb up ... there's Gord!

We hooked onto the Lookout Ravine Trail.

The lookoff

Then we walked back along the service road.

Lately it's been too hot and humid and/or rainy to be outside so we were happy to get out today for a long walk!  And it was nice that there weren't too many people on the trails.

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Teresa said...

What a great day!