Saturday 22 August 2020

Knitted mittens

I made a pair mittens last night.  It's been a while since I've made basic mittens.

I used the fushcia and teal in Caron Chunky Cakes Striped Yarn (Rainbow Jellies) and 5.5mm and 6mm double pointed needles.  They are thick and will be warm (the yarn is "chunky").

I based the mittens on this pattern but changed some things.

SIZES - To fit 2/4 yrs (8/10 yrs - adult)

With the smaller double pointed needles and Colour A, cast on 20 (26-30) sts. Divide sts onto 3 needles 7, 7, 6 (9, 9, 8-10, 10, 10). Join in round. 1st round: *K1. P1. Rep from * around. Repeat this round of (K1. P1) ribbing for 1½ (2½-2½)" [4 (5.5-5.5) cm]. Break Colour A.

With Colour B and larger needles, knit 2 (4-6) rounds.

Shape thumb gusset
  • 1st round: K10 (13-15). (Kfb) twice. Knit to end of round. 22 (28-32) sts. 
  • 2nd and alternate rounds: Knit. 
  • 3rd round: K10 (13-15). Kfb. K2. Kfb. Knit to end of round. 24 (30-34) sts. 
  • Sizes 8/10 and adult only: 5th round: K(13-15). Kfb. K4. Kfb. 
  • Knit to end of round. (32-36) sts. 
  • 6th round: Knit.
  • Size adult only: 7th round: K15. Kfb. K6. Kfb. Knit to end of round. 38 sts. 
  • 8th round: Knit.
  • All sizes: Next round: K16 (21- 25). Slip last 6 (8-10) sts onto holder (thumb opening). Knit to end of round. 

I reduced the thumb gusset by two stitches because I found the thumb was too fat.

Mitten body
  • Cast on 2 sts over slipped sts. 20 (26-30) sts. 
  • Knit in rounds until work after ribbing measures 3½ (5-6)" [9 (12.5-15) cm].
  • Rearrange sts as follows: 10 (13- 15) sts on 1st needle. 5 (6-7) sts on 2nd needle and 5 (7-8) sts on 3rd needle.

Shape top
  • 1st round: 1st needle: K1. ssk. Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1. 2nd needle: K1. ssk. Knit to end of needle. 3rd needle: Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1. 
  • 2nd round: Knit. 
  • Rep last 2 round until 8 (10-10) sts rem. Break yarn, leaving a long end. 
  • Thread end through remainder 8 (10- 10) sts. 
  • Draw up and fasten securely. 

I shaped the top as per these instructions but I didn't like the look of it.  So instead I *K2 sts together, k2 sts* (repeat) for a row. Knit two rows. *K2 sts together, k1 sts* (repeat) for a row. Knit a row. *K2 sts together* (repeat) for a row.  Thread end through remainding sts.

  • K6 (8-10) from holder. 
  • Pick up and knit 2 sts at base of thumb. Divide these 8 (10- 12) sts onto 3 needles. Join in rnd. 
  • Knit 6 (8-10) rnds even. 
  • Next round: (K2tog) 4 (5-6) times. 
  • Break yarn leaving a long end. Thread end through remaining 4 (5-6) sts. 
  • Draw up and fasten securely.

I picked up and knitted 4 stitches in the second step and then reduced them down to two stitches by knitting two together because I found that just picking up and knitting 2 stitches left big holes.  By picking up and knitting four stitches, there was no hole and by reducing them down to two stitches didn't make the thumb too fat.

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Teresa said...

These are cute. I'm trying my hand at learning to crochet.