Monday 22 July 2019

Book ~ "No-One Ever Has Sex On Holiday" (2019) Tracy Bloom

From Goodreads ~ Katy and Ben and their four closest friends are going to Spain for a week with their kids. Sun, sex and sangria? Almost certainly not. 

The couples think they are prepared for all the joys and trials a family holiday has to offer but they have a shock coming, and not only from the kids. Into their first day by the pool crashes Ollie, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, and Cassie, on her hen party holiday but having serious doubts about her impending marriage. 

A recipe for a relaxing week abroad? Let’s wait and see ...

Katy and Ben are married and have two young children.  They plan a holiday at a resort in Spain with friends ... Daniel and Gabriel and their young daughter, and Braindead and Ally and their young son.

On the plane from England, Katy, Ally and Daniel meet Ruth who is part of  Cassie's bachelorette party.  They get invited to some of their partying, which doesn't make some of the people in their group happy since it's supposed to be a family vacation.  As Katy gets to know Cassie, she realizes that Cassie doesn't actually want to get married and tries to guide her to make the right decision.  The families also meet Ollie, who is on his brideless honeymoon because she dumped him shortly before the ceremony, and they pull them into their circle to help him move on.  The three couples had been looking forward to relaxing and recharging and enjoying their spouse's company ... and of course, nothing goes as planned.

This was the fifth book I read by this author and I liked it.  Though it is the fifth in the No-One Has Sex series (and the third one I've read), you don't have to read the others to know what's going on.  I liked the writing style ... it was a quick light read.  It is written in third person perspective with the focus on wherever the action is.  The language at times is for mature readers.  It's written by an English author with English characters and I didn't, as a Canadian, get some of the English references to people, TV shows, etc.

I look forward to other books in this series.

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