Saturday 21 January 2017

Book ~ "The Hard Fall" (2013) Brenda Chapman

From Goodreads ~ Paul Taylor, a wealthy business man, is in jail for the cold-blooded murder of his lover, Laura Flint. She is found dead in his bed one hot August morning. Taylor's wife, a former swimsuit model, is the only one to stand behind him but even she has doubts. Taylor is about to go on trial-and he is the only suspect. 

Anna Sweet of Storm Investigations agrees to take on his case with little hope of winning. The trail of clues is about to lead her into a hornet's nest of ugly secrets. Will Anna find new evidence to clear Taylor's name? Or is she working to free a killer? 

Anna and Jada, both former police officers, have recently teamed up to open a private investigations firm.  They are struggling for business so are happy when the Paul Taylor murder case lands on their desk.  Taylor is a wealthy businessman whose lover was found dead in his bed.  They will get paid a daily rate but will receive a huge bonus if they can find something that will get Taylor acquitted.

There are a number of suspects ... his wife, who despite being cheated on, maintains his innocence, and his business partners,

I've read quite a few books by this author and I liked this one.  It's a quick read at about 60 pages.  It's set in the author's hometown of Ottawa.  I like this author's writing style.  It is written in first person perspective in Anna's voice.

Though it's the second in the Anna Sweet series, it works as a stand alone.

I look forward to reading the others in this series.

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