Sunday 8 January 2017

Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON

After a fun day last Sunday snowshoeing with Trakkers (my friend, Trish has been a member for a few years and we went as her guests), Gord and I joined the club this week.

Trakkers is a volunteer, non-profit, recreational ski club dedicated to the support and enjoyment of cross-country skiing and has been providing Sunday ski trips in luxury highway coaches to southern Ontario ski resorts for over 30 years. 

Trakkers welcomes members of all ages and all skill levels, from novice to the expert. Trakkers is the club for you if you want to learn to ski or improve your skills.

Today's trip was to Highlands Nordic in Duntroon, about two hours northwest of Toronto.  We caught one of two buses at 9am and were back in Toronto about 6pm.  We were glad we weren't doing the driving because the roads were snowy and icy.

When we got to Highlands Nordic, I checked the temperature ... brrrr!

Gord and I got ready and headed off to the snowshoe trails.

Me all bundled up!

We decided to do the Skyway Trail (yellow - 2.5 km) and then hook onto the Log Roll Trail (orange - 1km) and then hook back onto the Skyway Trail.  We were gone for two hours and, according to my activity tracker, I went 4.5km.

It was really cold starting off but as we got into the trail, we warmed up ... we were taking layers off.  When we started climbing uphill on the Log Roll Trail, we were more open and it got really cold again ... so we put layers back on.  The trails were fun because they weren't groomed.  There was a lot of snow and it was heavy ... it was snowing at times.

We had to go under a tree
Heading uphill
Larry's Glacier at 1673 feet
Yes, it was steep but not as bad as I was expecting
As we were heading back to the lodge, the sun came out

I had a bottle of water on the side of my bag and it was so cold out that some of it froze at the top!

Here is the Highlands Nordic lodge.

When we were leaving at 4pm, the temperature had gotten a bit warmer.

It was a fun day and I look forward to doing more trips with Trakkers!

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