Tuesday 24 January 2017

Book ~ "A Model Death" (2015) Brenda Chapman

From Goodreads ~ Against her better judgment, Anna Sweet accepts a date with the secretive Nick Roma, office manager for Storm Investigations. But before they can meet up, the body of Nick's ex-girlfriend is found near a lake. Rumours swirl that Nick was hounding his ex to get back together ... and he wouldn't take no for an answer. 

The police are convinced that Nick is the killer but Anna agrees to take on his case. Her investigation will take her deep into Nick Roma's past and onto the set of a reality TV show. Will she be able to prove Nick is innocent or will her investigation put him behind bars for life?

Anna and Jada, both former police officers, run a private investigations firm and Nick is their office manager.  Lena is his ex-girlfriend and starring in a reality series of three models sharing a house in Ottawa.  When Lena is found murdered, Nick is the obvious suspect.

Nick hires Anna to investigate and find out who murdered Lena.  Given Nick's mysterious past, Anna can't help but think that maybe Nick did indeed kill her since that's where all the evidence is pointing.

I've read quite a few books by this author and I liked this one.  It's a quick read at about 60 pages.  It's set in the author's hometown of Ottawa.  I like this author's writing style.  It is written in first person perspective in Anna's voice.

Though it's the fourth in the Anna Sweet series, it works as a stand alone.

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